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Ordinary LED Tube lights is not profitable anymore
2016-04-08 00:21:27
Why not selling SMART LED tube lighting?
Mega trends - Commercial buildings requires large quantity on LED radar sensor (Microwave) T8 Tube for underground parking lot lighting.
Saving 90% of your energy cost - Smart performance LED lamp applications by microwave radar sensor offer 2 type lightings on Standby model 4 watts and full brightness mode(18 watts).
Replacement - An electronic fluorescent lamp is 28 Watts and short lifespan (frequent replacement) ... And huge electrical bill for 24/7 working
How it Works?
Standby mode - Nobody or no vehicles in the sensitive region of the lamp with power (4 Watts). Normally, 22 hours are standby status per day.
Full brightness mode -People or vehicles to enter the area, Lamps automatically turns full brightness (18 Watts). 2 hours per day normally.
Microwave radar sensor technology, Two years warranty, stable power supply solutions and longer life in line with CE, CCC, FCC and ROHS certificates.
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