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Libai Technology has successfully passed its yearly ISO: 9001
2016-04-08 00:29:42
Libai Technology has successfully passed its yearly ISO: 9001 accreditation assessment with the SIRA GROUP. Assessors found no outstanding issues and praised Libai Technology in their assessment report, stating they showed a ‘strong focus on Quality and customer service and development of the organization’.
The annual assessment is designed to review the ongoing capability of Libai Technology Quality Management System in meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards, and to identify opportunities for further business and system improvements in the future of LED Lighting.
With this in mind, the SIRA have recommended that Libai Technology’s LED lights design team have shown ‘clear evidence of capability’ for the standard, and should therefore be included in next year’s assessment. This would further extend Libai Technology’s ISO accreditation to the creative parts of the LED Lighting business.
Marco Wang, Operations and Marketing Director for Libai Technology commented: “Quality is the key objective in every aspect of our business, and having ISO accreditation shows how Quality Management is now embedded into the DNA of Libai Technology.”
All aspects of Libai Technology’s products are fully managed in-house, and the ISO certification applies to all sectors of the business including customer focus, leadership, people, effective processes, continual improvements, relationships and decision-making.
Libai Technology’s continued commitment to the quality standards set out by the SIRA forms a key part of its drive towards the highest standards of quality and customer service, and confirms the company’s dedication to excellence of LED Light products.

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